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Tradition, Innovation and Experience

Galaxy Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Is an API intermediate manufacturing company which was started through venture capital funding from the Industrial development Bank of India ( then a Govt entity ) in the year 1991 . The company now is an independent entity and has two Units one located at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar ( Maharashtra, India) and the second one at Newasa (Maharashtra ,India) .

The visionary Mr. Shrikant Deshmukh who is the pioneer of this company strongly believed in the potential of the intermediates which were then imported in India in tonnage quantities. On the basis of import Substitution and export promotion ,the company started with two main molecules Furfurylamine and 2, 4-Dichloroacetophenone.

The focus being on high purity, optimum yield, process and infrastructure safety and sustainability along with cost effectiveness, Galaxy has established goodwill in the pharmaceutical sector and is now an approved vendor to major pharmaceutical MNC’S and companies.

With its unique style of achieving excellence through innovation especially in machinery and process it was able to also deliver high value intermediates in joint ventures and now has a niche product mix of its own.

Understanding the need of the time and the importance of Regulatory guidelines Galaxy has a well-established Quality Assurance and Environment, Health and Safety infrastructure set up and has ISO and c GMP certifications. This gives the company a sustainable fringe to overcome any kind of contingencies. Galaxy acquired its second unit at Newasa in the year 2015 owing to further expansion and is now aiming at bringing new products in the market. Hydrogenation being the company’s expertise ,Phase I of Unit II started with building a 250 nm3/hr ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ Hydrogen Generation Plant with Methanol cracking and Phase II commenced after getting the necessary environment and PESO clearances . The company since then has diversified by including the cosmetic & perfumery sector products along with the pharmaceutical sector. Intermediate which aid in supporting crop science and agricultural biodiversity is also now being included in the product mix . The R&D department of the company is researching on more products which will be import substitutes aiming at making the Indian Pharmaceutical sector self-sustaining.

About Galaxy

As an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) manufacturing company, we develop innovative pharma solutions, especially for the Agro Chemical industry. With more than two decades of experience, Galaxy Laboratories has fine-tuned to perfection various traditional and high-yield technologies to manufacture high-purity products.

This vision of ours molds our strategy and govern our every operation. From research and development to the transfer of knowledge to execution, we offer innovative solutions.

Galaxy Laboratories has evolved as a company driven by knowledge and ambition. We are one of the largest producers of Furfurylamine (CAS # 617-890) in the world.

Since the establishment of our company in 1995, we have continually adapted the way we respond to the dynamic marketplace. We have always exhibited a readiness to change with the frequently evolving technology and route of synthesis in the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) Industry.


Mr Shrikant Deshmukh

B Tech, Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals–Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai (Matunga)

Mr Deshmukh has an experience of more than 35 years in the pharmaceutical sector. He is also a first generation entrepreneur. Prior to establishment of Galaxy Laboratories Private Limited, Mr Deshmukh occupiedpositionsof responsibilityin well known pharmaceutical firms like Boehringer-Koll Limited, Roche Products Limited and Hoechst India Limited. With his vast knowledge, wisdom and dynamic leadership qualities the company has made an identity of itself.
Mr Nagesh Walimbe

B Tech, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Powai, Mumbai)

Mr Walimbe has more than 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has occupied positions of responsibility in major pharma companies like Gharda Chemicals Limited, Hoechst India Limited, Lupin Laboratories Limited, SOL Pharma Limited.He is a very dynamic person with immense knowledge and wisdom. He also has his own consulting firm Zen Absorption Private Limited.